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LC50FR - Ratio 1:1-11:1 / Shot Size 1cc-50cc


LC50FR Digital & Analog Dispense Metering & Mixing System
(Analog system displayed)

The LC50FR series can be configured to dispense fluids from 1cc to 50cc per cycle, dependent upon mix ratio.

Machines are generally supplied as bench modules but can also be quoted floor mounted with castors.

The materials are fed by stainless steel Teflon® lined hoses to the Twinmixer head mounted on the machine. A remote hand held Twinmixer head can be supplied as an option.

The LC50FR pneumatically powered series is available in analog or digital controlled options. Single acting reciprocating pistons are designed to volumetrically deliver discrete shots of low to medium viscosity or thixotropic two-part fluid. Examples are epoxies, silicones & RTV’s, polyurethanes, potting and encapsulation compounds, adhesives, structural bonding materials and acrylics.

  • Cost effective bench mounted system
  • Rugged parallel drive system
  • Volumetric dispensing
  • Gravity feed to metering pumps
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Low to medium viscosity dispensing
  • Single module design
  • Automation integration - digital only
  • Disposable static-mixer dispensing

LC50FR - Digital Dispense Metering & Mixing System
LC50PFR - Analog Dispense Metering & Mixing System

Accessories Analog & Digital (Optional)
  • Stainless steel components
  • Desiccant air driers
  • Remote mixing by Twinmixer head
  • Pneumatic agitators
  • Nitrogen blanket (max. 3 psi)
  • Portable cart
Digital Systems Only (Optional)
  • Low and high level proximity sensors with alarms
  • Automation interface to Fisanr robots
  • Electric agitators
  • Shot counter / repeater
  • Thermostatically controlled heating
  • Anti-gel purge timer
LC50FR Machine Specifications:
Ratio range: pre-set 1:1 to 11:1
Mechanism: parallel drive, positive displacement
Maximum viscosity: < 500,000 cps
Metering Accuracy: better than ± 1%
Shot range: 1cc - 50cc at 1:1
Maximum cycle rate 20 shots per minute
Mixing: disposable static mixers yellow
Tank capacity: 3, 5 & 10 liter stainless steel tanks
Operating pressure: 100 psi 7 bar @ 3 cfm
Controls: air supply filter regulator and gauge machine on/off, dispense pressure regulator and gauge, foot valve start and emergency stop, Integrated PLC (digital) 
Power (Digital): single phase 110V & 220V
Dimensions (WxDxH):

23.23” x 14.96” x 21.26”  
(590 x 380 x 540mm)

Weight: 88 lbs.  (40 kg)


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