General Manufacturing

Fisnar offers a wide array of engineered solutions for today’s manufacturing market. We provide products that can be used for dispensing, pick-and-place and automation, as well as help any current manufacturing process become streamlined to reduce costs and increase outputs.

Fisnar has nearly thirty years of experience in the fluid dispensing industry with some of the latest advancements in dispensing technology. Our line of all programmable precision dispensers can be used in a wide variety of dispensing applications from microdot deposits, lines, to large potting and filling. They are the perfect solution for hand dispensing and can also be used in coordination with one of our many robotic systems.

When automating a production dispensing process, Fisnar supplies the automation and engineering to provide the ultimate solution. Our engineering lab also offers a free of charge video trial service that allows us to inspect your application and give you proof of concept before you purchase any of our robotic systems.

Our staff of engineers have been working in the dispensing and automation industry for many years and have a knowledge base that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. When manufacturing in today’s world of smaller components and faster manufacturing times the Fisnar engineering staff has the expertise to guide you through the buying process and support you with your manufacturing demands.

As part of the Ellsworth Corporation, Fisnar has immediate access to a wealth of technical and historical fluid data invaluable in assessing the equipment necessary to provide the right dispensing solution.