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Automatic Liquid Dispensing Controllers

DC100 Digital Precision Dispenser
DSP501N Liquid Dispenser High Volume Controller
DC100 Digital Dispenser
The DC100 digital dispenser, with its versatile design, makes it perfectly suited for a wide variety of dispensing applications; from microdot deposits, lines, to large potting and filling.
The DSP501N is recommended for liquid dispensing applications requiring a larger volume of pneumatic pressure such as when dispensing silicone from cartridges, glue from tubes with an autotube system or controlling a 3-way valve. The unit exhausts a greater volume of air, which helps prevent fluid run-on.

DB815 Liquid Dispenser - Manual
DSP502N Dispenser with Suck-Back Gauge
DB815 Liquid Dispenser
Often a non electrically operated dispensing system is required for hazardous environments where electrical switching is not recommended, the DB815 is suitable for these circumstances. The DB815 is an economic pneumatic foot switch system, which is placed under the bench on the floor, a longer hose reaches from the dispenser to the bench.
DSP502NThe DSP502N includes an analog gauge to provide a visual indication of the level of suck-back measured in psi.
Vacuum Bench Pick & Place Machines
PPD130 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser
Vacuum bench pick and place
Many applications require a vacuum pick & place wand to be used in conjunction with a dispenser for adhesive, flux, glue, flux paste and liquid flux dispensing. Fisnar Inc. offer vacuum pick & place systems using air only or electrically switched using a foot pedal.

PPD130 Peristaltic Pump
Air free dispensing is often required for accurate transfer of volatile liquids, the technology is proven and the pumps are chosen to avoid hazardous substances. Operator contact is limited and the PPD130 can dispense shots between 0.01 - 6ml/min using Teflon tubing. The pump is reversible to provide snuff-back.